Erica (thatsme17) wrote,

Final Camping Update

Jasmine and Jeff are no longer going camping with us.

Matt and I are still going to meet around 06:30 on Friday morning. Alexa is planning on meeting us before we cross the bridge into the UP.

Although we were discussing only taking one car, Matt and I have decided that it might be best to still take two. I figure that if it is going to be super cold at night, I am going to want to bring a lot of blankets. This should make you happy Kristine, because you no longer have to follow the "one backpack/duffel bag per person" rule. I am excited that we will all be able to share one tent.

I have looked at both the Mapquest and Yahoo! driving directions and the Yahoo! directions are much easier. I will print off copies of the directions for the drivers.

It looks as though there is going to be a chance of showers every night. I think I may have a tarp we could use to cover the tent or use under the tent. If not, does anyone else have one?

Hopefully this will be the last update. If there is anything I am forgetting, I will be use to post again.
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