Erica (thatsme17) wrote,

The G.P.

Hey there, party people.

The party is on and it starts at 21:00.

I have a receipe for Jungle Juice. It requires a bottle of strawberry vodka, orange vodka, amaretto, peach schnapps, sour mix, and a variety of fruit juices (that I will get). I would like to make jungle juice and I was thinking that we could all pick a liquor to bring. Please comment if you will bring a liquor.

Everyone is welcome to stay the night. Remember that there are prizes.

These are the rules for the drinking contest:

1. If you die, you lose.

2. If you break anything in my house, you lose.

3. If you throw up anywhere other than a toliet, you lose.

4. If you hurt my dog, you lose.

5. If you become violet and need to be removed from my house by force, you lose.

6. If you try to cheat by replacing vodka with water, you lose.

7. If you won't dance to the monster mash, you lose.

8. If you refuse to dance when drunk, you lose.

9. If you don't always have a drink in your hand, you lose.

10. If you (at any point) refuse a drink that is offered to you, you lose.

See you tomorrow!!
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