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Carrie, Corinna, and Rene

I have been thinking about the women's studies/feminist group that we are going to be taking over and I think that we should try to get together either the first or second week of school. I am going to be down on T/TH and I think that we should plan a day to write out some type of group manifesta or something. I think that one of the major problems with the group last time was that there was no focus, which made it difficult to plan events and increase membership. If we all think of issues that are important to women and combine them into a coherent statement, it might make the group more accessible to those who aren't necessarily "feminist." For example, global women's rights, lack of child care on campus!, globalization, date rape, pay equity, body image, access to emergency contraception, etc.

We should also plan a project or try to get some fliers together to put around campus within the first weeks to inform the students about the group. I will take on the responsibility of making the fliers. Let me know what you think.

I would like to ask Anca to be the faculty member who is in charge of the group. She seemed really interested when Carrie and I mentioned to her last semester. Furthermore, she used to be the head of the women's studies department and she is an awesome person all-around, so I think she would be perfect. Is the group pretty much good to go? Are we just missing the faculty member?

I also think we should make it a point not to be in competition with the pro-life group. Personally, I don't want the group to be based solely on reproduction/abortion rights and I don't want our group to be a response to their group. If our group can stand alone and be knowledgeable, intelligent, and factual about important issues that are affecting women, I know that eventually we will gain support.

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